Understand How Your Reviewers

360 Feedback – after the review

For us and our clients, we see the 360-degree questionnaire and results feedback as just the starting point for development.

What happens afterwards will take the individual or the team from their current position to the next level. They'll work on the areas they need to improve – and consolidate the areas in which they are strong.

But we know each person, team and organisation is different with differing needs, ways of working and resources. What you get from us is our years of experience in understanding and taking such differences and then building a development programme to best develop your people.

We will work with you to create a learning strategy which looks at shared and individual development needs, and then suggests the most appropriate way to deliver this.

We don't offer off-the-shelf training courses – but create a customised development plan bringing together various strands of learning and development activity.


All our coaches are accredited and committed to our Code of Ethics. We work hard to match our coach's experience of sector, organisational culture, job role and job level with those to be coached as well as the personality.

We can do this remotely – by phone or Skype – or face-to-face, one to one.

And it doesn't stop at coaching...

At times, other development activity may be more appropriate.

We use our practical experience and professional knowledge to blend different tools and methods of learning that suits the person and the organisation.

This can include facilitated workshops – where we focus on specific business, performance or behavioural change – specially designed mini-Workshops or seminars for skills development and also e-learning for when learning with a group is not necessary.

All of our learning is CPD certified and the development work we do with leaders and managers, can be accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).