Identify And Develop

Our Clients

Progress International has an exceptional track record in the design and delivery of 360 degree assessment. We work across many sectors including government, emergency services, social care, education, retail, pharmaceutical, technology and with many multi-national blue chip organisations.

Working in collaboration with our clients we have developed peer reviews for non-managerial roles through to executive leaders.

The organisational wide solutions we've designed have been used to identify talent and plan succession and we have developed specific assessments to identify development needs of a targeted audience.

We are an international learning and development organisation, and as such we have developed, managed and provided feedback and coaching in many countries.

For a global leader in private health care

For one of our clients – a global leader in private health care we tendered for and were selected as the organisations 360 solution partner. We were appointed because of significant track record, our solutions flexibility, ease of use and our approach to managing the review process. Above all, our reporting output for individuals was seen to be extremely easy to understand, and also provided greater detail than most other solutions. Of great benefit to this client is our individual and group development needs analytical analysis reporting.

The initial project was to develop a bespoke assessment to review their leadership population against their values and behavioural framework. We are now also supporting the their talent management programme, with further applications being reviewed for the coming year.

For a local authority

For a local authority we were asked to create a bespoke 360 assessment to help identify the individual and group development needs of the Heads of Service. As a result of this review each manager received feedback from one of our professional coaches and a development programme created which addressed both individual and group development needs. The assessment was run again, at the end of the development programme, the results of which showed an average growth of 28% against the organisation's competencies. This programme was so successful that it was shortlisted by the Training Journal National Awards for best externally developed and delivered programme.