Change Management

Some specific roles require more specific competencies.

Change is the only certainty in life! In a rapidly changing business environment no organisation can afford to stand still. Organisations are constantly changing to meet the demands of their customers, competitive pressures and the need to grow. The greatest challenge for organisations is to achieve the cultural or behavioural change that is often required to achieve successful change, even when it is widely recognised that it is needed.

Managing change can be a risky business and organisations don't just change because of new systems, processes or structures. They change because the people within the organisation adapt and change too. This can only be achieved by careful planning, skilfully managed communication and by developing and living a strategy that will drive, achieve and sustain real change.

The competencies assessed

The world of work has changed. There are many competency frameworks which have been developed over the years.

The Progress International Competency Framework has been developed from our years of experience in designing and working with competencies - and knowing what works and shaping what doesn't.

Change and People
The cultural dimensions of change, understanding behaviours adopted by individuals and groups during change, working with and managing negative behaviours, preparing for the positive and negative impacts of change. Working with others to ensure buy in and support at all levels.
Planning Change
Much intended change fails to be successfully implemented simply because planning is inadequate or even non-existent. The planning stage of managing change is often the single most significant factor in determining the eventual success or failure of change.
Implementing Change
Once a change initiative is underway monitoring progress and the evaluation of results need to be communicated to stakeholders in a timely manner. Results will also need to be considered when adjusting the change plan and the management of risk is a significant element of this stage.
Evaluating Change
Evaluating how the change was achieved and analysing performance ensures that learning from each change initiative is shared within the organisation and contributes to the development of best practice guidance.

In addition to the 4 specialist competences above 8 further competences from the Progress International Competence Framework, complete this assessment.

They are:

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