360 Instant

Getting started with 360-degree feedback can be quick and straightforward.

By using 360 Instant, you get to start the review process almost immediately as you get access to our up-to-date competency framework and online survey capability.

Get the right questions being asked for specific job levels

To make sure that your people are being reviewed at the level relevant to them, we've created four different questionnaires. Each of these includes statements which reflect the appropriate job level.

We have reviews for:

As well as more specific questionnaires:

After the 360-degree survey

Each person reviewed receives a report. It highlights their strengths and pinpoints their development needs which can feed into their development plan. This plan is tailored to the specific person and it offers a blend of different development activities.

The report also highlights what we call 'good news' (where others perceive an individual to have a strength far greater than that perceived by the individual him or herself) and 'hidden talents' (the strengths of an individual that the wider team have not witnessed).

And you can take this further by choosing to access more, in-depth reports looking across the organisation or specific teams and by inviting us to work with you to help grow your capabilities in certain areas by drawing on a range of development techniques.

What you get in summary

  • Quick roll-out of a 360-degree review process - up and running almost immediately
  • No up-front investment - simply pay as used
  • Relevance - online questionnaire based on one of the most up-to-date competency frameworks for organisations today
  • Hassle-free reviews - get started within minutes using an intuitive online system and let us sort out the IT
  • Job level differentiation - choose from four levels of job role to ensure competency relevance
  • Keeping you in the picture - throughout the process, the online system advises the reviewee how to manage their invitations and you get to choose who can access the results
  • Development-focused report - the person being reviewed receives a report highlighting areas of strength and those needing development

Get started now

Getting started with 360 Instant couldn't be easier.

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