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360-degree review and feedback helps a person or team understand how the people who work with them, perceive them and then compare this to how they see themselves.

It highlights the strengths to build on and shows them the areas which need development.

But every organisation is different - and every person or team of people wanting to learn more about themselves is different. So, for this reason, we've developed three different 360-degree feedback products - there's something for everyone.


360 Instant

For those who want to get started straightaway and who want to make use of the Progress International Competency Framework: an up-to-date model of workplace competencies and behaviours.

Set up is carried out online so you can get started almost immediately - ready to review yourself or the team you are part of.

Get started straightaway by choosing from one of four job level specific questionnaires and make use of our own in-built competency framework.

Or choose from a more specific questionnaire looking at one of three roles:


360 Options

For those with a specific set of competencies they particularly want to look at and want to select these from our library of competencies.

Core Competencies:

Specialist Competencies:

You can choose on-line the competencies you want to review from those within our standard framework as well as from the more specific competencies we've identified. We then create a tailored questionnaire so you are up and running quickly.


360 Unique

For those looking for a bespoke questionnaire where the questions and competencies included are based on your organisational competencies - even if you don't yet have a framework

If you need a bespoke 360-degree questionnaire and process just for you, we can either work with you current organisation's competency framework or we will work with you to create a robust framework to take your business forward and create a questionnaire around this.

To discuss your specific requirements contact us on 01252 737536.