Project Management

Some specific roles require more specific competencies.

As well as including some of the competencies from our Competency Framework, our Project Management questionnaire also includes some quite specific competencies.

This questionnaire is ideal for use with people who are required to manage projects - even if their job title is not 'Project Manager.'

The competencies assessed

The world of work has changed. There are many competency frameworks which have been developed over the years.

The Progress International Competency Framework has been developed from our years of experience in designing and working with competencies - and knowing what works and shaping what doesn't.

Project People
Works with others to plan the project and ensure buy in; manages and assigns resources and work appropriately; defines roles and responsibilities and monitors progress; fosters an environment of creativity and collaboration; treats people fairly by maintaining consistent values and performance standards
Project Planning
Develops and communicates a business case for the project and outlines the extents and limits of the project ; presents complex issues clearly; sets and communicates SMART objectives; plans using a structured approach that is visible; identifies and effectively manages resource requirements providing constructive feedback where necessary; assesses the impact of the project on the organisation
Project Process
Communicates a project monitoring and evaluation methodology to the team; determines the information and communication needs of stakeholders; provides timely updates and compares status to forecasts; monitors risk warnings and events adjusting project plan when required; manages the communication of changes to the project plan
Post Project
Evaluates how the project was delivered; assesses own and each individual team members performance; seeks feedback from stakeholders and team members ; ensures that learning from each project is shared within the organisation and contributes to the development of best practice guidance

In addition to the 4 specialist competences above, 8 further competences from the Progress International Competence Framework, complete this assessment.

They are:

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