360 Unique

Many organisations are ready to develop their own competency framework - or already have this in place - and want to now create a 360-degree review process from this.

Perhaps you have already seen the benefit of using a generic framework and now want to build on this by getting a more specific set of competencies for your particular business. Perhaps you already know that your business is quite different to others and need something developed which truly reflects its uniqueness.

Whatever the reason, 360 Unique is for you.

What we do

Our team will work with you to help identify, articulate, and build a competency framework just for you.

We will then take this and build for you, your own branded, bespoke, 360-degree review process and workflow. You can choose who, when and how people are reviewed, tailor the communication sent out and decide who can access the different information as well as helping you can track and monitor the progress of the programme.

The reporting capabilities mean that you will be able to 'cut' the information in many ways, and present it for different audiences in different formats.

We believe we have one of the most powerful on-line 360 systems on the market to deliver your bespoke reviews.

What you get in summary

  • Organisationally relevant competency framework - for use throughout your selection, development and succession planning activities
  • Roll-out of a 360-degree review process as you wish - process developed just for you
  • Relevance - online questionnaire based on one of the most up-to-date competency frameworks for organisations today
  • Hassle-free reviews - get started within minutes using an intuitive online system and let us sort out the IT
  • Keeping you in the picture - throughout the process, the online system advises the reviewee how to manage their invitations and you get to choose who can access the results
  • Development-focused report - the person being reviewed receives a report highlighting areas of strength and those needing development

Get started now

If you are ready to talk about how we can work with you to create your own competency framework and 360-degree review process, call us on 0845 094 8282.

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