Middle Manager

Middle managers tend to operate on a tactical level and for this reason, you need a questionnaire with items and statements that reflect this. A questionnaire designed for senior managers or executives is likely to contain strategic activities and may make completion awkward for both reviewer and reviewee.

We see that a middle manager:

  • Has clearly defined limits on their freedom to act or take decisions, and will be expected to report regularly on their performance to a senior manager
  • Is likely to be a technical specialist in a role which is primarily focused on managing the work and performance of others
  • Is responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving systems and processes to agreed quality standards and efficiency levels
  • Is accountable for the performance of a team who they manage directly or indirectly through first line managers or team leaders
  • Is a budget holder responsible for allocating resources within defined boundaries
  • Is responsible for recruiting, developing, promoting and disciplining team members
  • Negotiates terms directly with internal and external customers and suppliers within prescribed boundaries
  • Undertakes change project management which is sponsored or approved by a more senior manager

The competencies assessed

The 360-degree questionnaire covers the 12 competencies of the Progress International Competency Framework and includes statements (or behavioural indicators) relevant for use with middle managers.

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