We Know What Works

About Us

There are many 360 providers on the market. Most of these focus on their IT capability and rarely mention the value of the information obtained, how to interpret and use it and the next steps to take. Their customers can be left 'high and dry.'

This is not the case with Progress International.

Who we are

We're a team of 47 learning and development professionals with over 600 years between us of designing, implementing and using competency frameworks and providing feedback, facilitated group learning and coaching to people across all job levels and sectors.

We know what works and what doesn't - and we're passionate about developing the capability of our clients' people to deliver their business strategy, and that's something that hasn't changed since we started the business in the 1990s.

our mission

to work in true partnership with our clients to develop and deliver sustainable development solutions that address their challenges, demonstrating a clear return on investment and representing value for money

How we work

Many of our clients start to work with us because they share this passion: they want to get the best from their people. They're looking to identify and understand individual, team and organisational behaviours, attitudes, skills and thinking - and they know we can help them to do this.

For some, they simply want a psychometric assessment carried out, for others a 360-degree feedback process set up, and for others still they look to embed a feedback culture which leads to specific development and coaching actions. But what they all share is the commitment to better understand their people.

Whatever they need, and wherever they start on this journey, we work in partnership with them. We're happy to share our knowledge to help clients increase their own professional understanding and to develop the skills they need to move the individual, team and organisation forward.

our commitment to you

quality, ethics and good coaching practice

The online system which drives and delivers our 360-degree questionnaires is robust, secure and customisable. It means that you can be confident that your information is protected and viewed only by those authorised to do so. We invest time in making the system user friendly and intuitive so you have no problem in getting started and completing the reviews. The powerful data analytical engine means specific reports or analysis can be created just for you should you want it and we can talk through these requirements when you are ready.

We are committed to maintaining excellent coaching practice and every member of the team is a qualified and experienced coach and has signed up to our best practice model.